We empower our clients through education in their personal finances.
You'll feel confident and competent as you advance through each stage of your portfolio, all throughout your life.
AHA Mortgages is a team-based Mortgage Brokerage based out of Vancouver, B.C.

We operate out of The Mortgage Group’s Head Office and have been working exclusively as Mortgage Brokers for twenty years.

Whether it’s helping clients with their residential and commercial property purchases, or refinancing their existing home(s) with lower rates and/or debt consolidation to improve monthly cash flow, our expertise helps clients improve their financial situation with the right advice.

The Benefits Of Working With A Team

Around the Clock Service
You will always have someone you can call. We work around your schedule to make it work.
Shared Strengths
When you work with a team, you get experts in almost every step of the real estate journey.
You Have Curators Of Information
When all you have is Internet research, you have a million opinions. We make sure you only get the best and latest information from a specialist.
Chris Adkins understands the anxiety of feeling like you do not know enough to make a wise decision.
He is an expert guide who will help you make excellent decisions at every step of the journey.

Having bought and sold properties for years, he knows the home buying experience is a stressful process. 

Chris has brokered over two thousand deals. He has emerged into the top 40 brokers in Canada. He has spent his entire working career in finance. With a family background in banking, Chris is passionate about empowering his clients with excellent advice so that they can make the best decisions.

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Jake Healey brings education and excellence into the mortgage experience.

Jake wants to help his clients see extra zeroes and commas on their net worth statement. In every deal, he wants the people he works with to have the satisfaction of knowing you made the best possible decision for themselves and their family. Jake grew up in Vancouver, B.C. and loves spending time enjoying all the cultural and recreational perks of Vancouver living.

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